Creating Unique Wearable Art....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let it snow~Let me create!

Woke up this morning to another snow storm in the Great Northwest...Blowing and drifting all day and I am so very thankful to have made it home tonight...We have had a very large project in the enormous Caterpillar engine for a log yard loader and thank goodness we finished it today!  A load off my mind as I prepare for another vintage/craft sale for this weekend.  I have earrings to make, and bracelets to charms to create and crochet goodies to finish...rings to wrap and necklaces to design....3 days to go until set up and then show time!  So many things to do, all the ideas swimming around in my brain waiting to be executed...It will be an intense 3 days, which includes setting up on site....I hope the snow cooperates this weekend...but for now, let it snow!


  1. Always such a busy woman! Those fingers and ideas must be flying. I'm looking forward to January when life will hopefully return to its normal routine and I might get some crafting done. "Keep calm. Eat a cupcake." seems an appropriate logo for you!

  2. Thanks Littlebrownnut;o)...Cupcakes are the best! Can't wait to see what projects you will be bringing in february when you visit!