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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great Minds...

Having my hands and mind sitting idle seems like an impossible task for me... I have tried and tried to enjoy an entire movie without my thoughts straying...  if my hands are not in the middle of making something, then my mind is... however, new ideas are hard to come by these days... because just as I think I have thought of something new to do, just google it and there it is...
I make these really tiny terrarium pendant necklaces...thinking I know people in the past have filled them with sand, rocks, liquids of sorts, potions and such...but what if I put a birds nest or wimsical mushrooms or itty bitty acorns in them?...make them into tiny 1" pieces of magical I made them...and then came accross them on the web...seriously?... awe well... I suppose I am going to hand it up to "great minds think alike" and continue on... besides, they are too cute not to make...using my hands to make such petite details is completely satisfying and then the high of when you show them to someone and they wonder how-in-the-pickle barrel you made them... and I say, "I just did"...pointing to the tiny leaves and branches and eggs or acorns or mushrooms and smile because despite having the original idea or not, I made that...


  1. Hi Erin! I think your tiny terrarium necklaces are adorable!
    I'm so much like you, I want to sit and enjoy a movie, but my little hands are always moving...sewing, glue, or writing. I'll live with it... do you think this is multi-tasking or do they call it something else??? XO Glad

  2. Thanks Glad...Not too sure what to call it but its nice to know there are other "wiggly creative" people out there...xoxo Erin

  3. I love love these cute little bottles hanging on these gorgeous necklaces. A great idea!
    Have a happy Friday, Erin xx

  4. Hi Erin! Just stopped by to say Hi! Miss you too! Glad