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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fabulous Funky Junk!

The first show of the 2011 season flew by with much excitement...The Funky Junk gals can sure put on a fabulous show...
fabulous vendors...fabulous treasures...fabulous food... fabulous music...
My new vintage inspired headbands were met with much success...

The weekend was full and busy and happy and triumphant....
               We were surrounded with most excellent company....
                        Memories were made...New friends were made....


            Thank you Hollie and Jennifer...
And just around the corner on May 21 and 22 is the 2 Women Art and Antiques show in Spangle Washington...only about 5 miles from my own let the preparations begin...


  1. Hello Doll! So happy we got to hang with you last weekend! It was very fun to see you, Gracie and family! Your space was so cute, and OMG your jewelry so beautiful! Keep up the great work.

    XO Glad & Cel

  2. Love your blog! I agree that your space was so cute and your jewelry so beautiful!! Can't wait to see you at the Two Women show. :)

  3. Thanks Glad and Cel...your booth too was amazing as always!
    And Kristin, Sisters Creed was ever a trip to Paris, I thank you for that....I can't wait to be with you as well! Not too much longer!

  4. Hi Erin! Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday, we had a very wonderful day together!

    You are the sunshine in my life!!

    XO Glad

  5. Wish I were nearby! Your space is so cute - love the headband! I look forward to reading more - I enjoyed your blog today,

  6. The headbands are lovely. You are so creative and talented.